MiazaMirror for your Home

Miaza Mirror has been designed to enable your home to become truly Smart. Did you know an average home has more than 5 mirrors? Did you also know that on an average we spend more than 56 minutes a day in front of a mirror? Let us show you how Miaza Mirror can streamline your lifestyle at home.

Email, Calendar on the MiazaMirror

Miaza Mirror is an amazing work aid to enable productivity. You can check your emails, calendars and flash briefings on the Mirror itself. Mirror is a large screen which supports easy stress free reading and viewing. Our speech to text interface allows you to reply to emails seamlessly and add calendar events. Video on Emails and Calendars played back to back

Video Conferencing on the MiazaMirror

Our Mirror also has a built in video conferencing platform. No more complex dialing or sending people emails. Simply say Invite Peter to my Videoconference platform at 230pm. The AI engine of Mirror will send Peter email and SMS to connect them to a video-conference room dedicated to your Miaza Mirror. Mirror allows you to do full video conferencing on the large screen all while also seeing yourself in the Mirror. This allows an immersive experience for video conferencing.

Freebies with MiazaMirror

Miaza Mirror comes with its own server, private AI network that protects your information, and online storage. This is worth Rs 3,00,000 that comes with your Miaza Mirror!


Music, Videos on the MiazaMirror

Index and play your music on the Miaza Mirror. You can use our speech interface to play songs, start playlists and enjoy music that suits your Moods. MiazaMirror ensures all the family can listen to their songs and stream songs from anywhere. View your videos on the Mirrors HD display. You’ll love seeing them on the screen upclose and enjoy all the details with crystal clear sound.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube on the MiazaMirror

Getting ready for the party or work doesn’t mean you don’t have to be entertained. Stream Netflix, Prime, Youtube, HULU on the MiazaMirror.

TV on the MiazaMirror

While you are getting dressed. Switch Miaza Mirror to TV Mode and enjoy all the news, infotainment and channels you can imagine.

Social Media

Selfies on the MiazaMirror

Did you know more than half the selfies in the world are taken in front of Mirror? Well now don’t struggle holding a phone, simply say “take a selfie” and let the mirror take selfies. Say Take a portfolio and the Mirror takes 4 photos and combines them into a collage.

Instagram, Twitter on the Miaza Mirror

View your Instagram on the Mirror Itself. No more squinting to see the images. See them in HD on your Mirror. Post Images on the Instagram directly from the Mirror. Enjoy the Tweets and other social media in a similar manner.


News on the Miaza Mirror

Viewing News and Updates on the MiazaMirror is a snap. Simply say Show me news and enjoy news from more than 300 sources. Ask for news in detail to see the News Piece and not just its summary.

Augmented Reality Skills and Education Videos on the Miaza Mirror

Wanna learn how to cook an amazing recipe? Or would you like to teach your kids on the proper method to wash hands? MiazaMirror has augmented reality videos that immerse the user into the process and follow them precisely.

Health on the Miaza Mirror

Miaza Mirror App allows medical reminders to be uploaded to the Mirror which can then be shown on the Mirror at the right time. Also record yourself taking the medication or doing a procedure for assessment by doctor for its accuracy.

Exercise Routines on the Miaza Mirror

Miaza Mirror is an amazing tool to get your to exercise. Simply say “show me an exercise routine” and watch the mirror to see an exercise routine of your choice. Choose from its menu and get an effective immersive workout. The mirrors ability to show you how to do it and to show how you do it is what makes this probably the best workout you’ll ever have.

Controlling Lights and Devices with the MiazaMirror

Miaza Mirror is not just an information hub but also a control hub for your smart home. Miaza Mirror contains an inbuilt Internet of Things controller. Our electrician can come and connect your existing lights or devices to the Mirror which can then allow you to control the connected devices through speech, gesture and App. “Turn on the light” is a phrase you and your family will love thanks to MiazaMirror.

Interactive Displays for Guests on the MiazaMirror

Welcome your guests in the house with an interactive welcome Miaza Mirror. The Mirror turns on when a guests step in front of it, showing your home pics, allowing them to take selfies and post them to their Instagram accounts and plays welcome music. Dazzle your Guests with Miaza Mirror.

With so many uses, MiazaMirror is perfect for your home. Click here to set a personal appointment.

MiazaMirror for your Office

Miaza Mirror has been designed to enable your office to become truly Smart. Mirrors are ubiquitous and in offices they can become centres of team cognition and activity. Let us show you how MiazaMirror can streamline your business@Office in addition to use case of Miaza Mirror at home

Virtual Receptionist on the Miaza Mirror

Welcome your guests into your office. The Mirror functions like a normal Mirror. When a visitor comes in front, the Miaza Mirror turns “On”, The Mirror then guides the visitor to register, sends a notification to the host. The host can come and receive the guest ask them to wait or reschedule. In addition to meetings, Mirror also receives your packages and enables people to pick packages up to. Virtual Receptionist will dazzle your visitors and provide an unprecedented level of convenience.

Team Training On The MiazaMirror

Miaza Mirror is an amazing aid for training individuals and teams. Want to train Sales man on the correct way to make eye contact or shake hands.. Miaza Mirror has videos that play on the Mirror to train the teams. As teams see themselves while performing the skills, they learn quickly and retain the skills.

Sales & Marketing On The MiazaMirror

Dazzle your prospects through Miaza Mirror. Allow them to see promotional videos that appear when they stand in front of the Mirror. Use Augmented Reality to show them how to use your product. Surround them with amazing technologies and let Miaza Mirror add to your brand value.

Company Performance Dashboard On The MiazaMirror

Use your Mirror as your company performance dashboard. See your sales figures, your best performing employees and territories all on the custom company performance dashboard we create for you. Buy Miaza Mirror Now.

Freebies With MiazaMirror

MiazaMirror comes with its own server, private AI network that protects your information, and online storage. This is worth Rs 3,00,000 that comes with your Miaza Mirror! We will design special interactive presentations for your business that will help you grow your revenues. Buy MiazaMirror to avail this special offer.

Malls and Retail

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Interactive Advertisement On The MiazaMirror

Imagine a customer walking up to an ordinary Mirror. It then “wakes up” through face detection and shows customer on the Mirror itself, latest fashion offerings, the watches available at the next store and shows advertisement for the offers available in the Mall. Create a unique experience with MiazaMirror.

Way Finding On The MiazaMirror

Want to guide your users to the correct spot. Want to create a parking where users know where they parked their car. MiazaMirror comes with supporting QR Code technology and with mapping technology that can guide users to the shop, or where they parked with exact locations.

Salons On The MiazaMirror

Are you making a new salon or upgrading your salon? With Miaza Mirror your customers will not stare at a Mirror only but get entertainment on the Mirror while getting their beauty regimen taken care of. Show movies, advertisements on the Miaza Mirror. Sell products on the Mirror itself. MiazaMirror in a salon can bring an immersive revolutionary experience to salon customers never imagined.

Gyms On The MiazaMirror

Gyms have mirrors…but Gyms that have MiazaMirror are the ones that customers want. From inbuilt exercises to custom technologies that allow tracking of progress on the Mirror, the Miaza Mirror at gyms is a natural fit. Contact us to see our Gym Mirror Offerings.

Healthcare On The MiazaMirror

HealthCare organizations in addition to the module of virtual receptionists and information communication, can get our Breast Cancer Self Examination Module, Hand Washing Module to engage the patients. Offer screenings, trainings and products on the interactive Miaza Mirror.

Custom on the MiazaMirror

Can you think of a unique use of Miaza Mirror? Contact us and we will make it happen. Whether it is governance or automotive or transportation vertical we are here to serve you. Contact us and we will reach right back