Miaza Mirror is a premium patented Smart Mirror that reimagines the mirror to suit the 21st century. Smart mirror is one of the growing priorities of modern days’ community. It is an alternative to the traditional mirror being used in malls, offices, automobiles, and homes. The smart mirror offers an effortless digital experience allowing the user to get access to the information like they will eventually get from other devices such as smartphones, laptops, and TV. It is also an interactive device driven by speech, gesture and touch that will address the need of accessing up-to-date information required by the user. The combination of mirrors with RFID & display technology is useful in displaying information customized content according to user-specific suggestions.The Miaza mirror is an effective feedback, learning, and self-awareness tool. With custom AI engine called Miaza Assistant Miaza mirror can be used to make any space dynamic and interactive. It also comes with its own APP that allows user to upload and display personalized content. The media hub, video conferencing and online streaming modules support amazing entertainment at home and computer supported collaborative worskspaces in offices. The Miaza Mirror receptionist is custom developed to wow your guests, promote your brand, and keep a record of all meetings and activities at the office. As for now, consumers are keenly interested in using technology in integrated mirrors, thereby creating opportunities for both manufacturers and fashion designers to come up with new innovative ideas to grab market share and standout in the competition. No home, office, mall, automobile or home is truly smart without Miaza Mirror.

Did you know?

Smart Mirrors were voted as one of the top ten technologies at the Consumer Electronics Shows Las Vegas 2019. Click here to buy your Miaza Mirror.

Did you know?

Smart Mirrors are a 1.24 Billion dollar industry currently and poised to expand to $4.42 Billion in the next 6 years. Join us as a distributor/channel partner for Miaza Mirror to benefit from this opportunity. contact us


  • Speech and Gesture Based Interaction

  • Audio Visual Display

  • Moulded to Your Needs

  • Premium Construction Objet’D’Art