A Mirror that prevents Infections

Diseases such as Corona Virus, H1 N1, MERS, Influenza can be suitably prevented by correctly washing your hands. However, studies have shown that most people struggle to recall how to wash hands and only 50% of times they can wash hands proper- ly. MiazaMirrors prevention edition eliminates the guesswork from hand washing. Wave at the MiazaMirror and it shows you a animation on the Mirror that guides the user on the correct method to wash hands. The animation is designed as per the WHO recommendation of the process and duration. The Mirror also shows News, Public service messages and adverti- sements too. Institutional Users can uplooad the material to be shown on a portal and the Mirror automatically updates to show the desired material.

Enabling Digital Sanitation

Public Spaces are cess pools of infection and we are only as good as our weakest link. Even if one person doesnt wash their hands properly, the entire population is at risk. Presenting MiazaMirror Preven- tion Edition. Simply wave and a clinically validated animation is shown on the mirror on correct process to wash hands. User doesnt need to remember but simply follow. Scientific Study has shown that 97.3% of users of the Mirror achie- ved compliance on the correct process and duration of hand wash. Without the Mirror simply recalling the correct procedure from memory only produces 56% compliance. The Mirror is the single most effective investment you can make to protect yourself and people around you.

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