Digital Device That Connects a Family

Are you sick of everyone at your home staring at different screens? Do you feel that if everybody saw the latest pics on a single screen, they would all appreciate it better? Digital shouldn’t mean isolation. With MiazaMirror we allow information to be shared seamlessly with family and teams. No more everyone staring at small screens.. lets see learn and comment together on a large HD screen. Get your individual emails, calendars, social media and also your families combined calendars as well as social media all on the MiazaMirror.

Amazing Entertainment

Want to stream Netflix, Prime, Youtube, Amazon music? Use the MiazaMirror to be entertained. Create your own videos, images through our device. Entertainment is amazing on MiazaMirror.

AI Driven Home Management

Won’t you like a device that as soon as you are up calls your butler for tea. It also coordinates with your driver to be ready for your first appointment and makes sure your breakfast is in line with your dietary goals. It turns on your lights when needed and switches on morning music and pulls up your exercise regimen for you to remain fit. Imagine a device that does that without you giving instructions to multiple people repeatedly. MiazaMirror does so seamlessly. MiazaMirror’s AI powered convenience and luxury is unparalleled.

Delightful Guest Management

Welcome your guests in the house with an interactive welcome MiazaMirror. The Mirror turns on when a guests step in front of it, showing your home pics, allowing them to take selfies and post them to their Instagram accounts and plays welcome music. Dazzle your Guests with Miaza Mirror.

Effective Learning and Skill Enhancement

MiazaMirror augmented reality module helps you seamlessly view instructional videos and do them simultaneously. Exercise while seeing how to do it, Wash your hands while viewing World Health Organization process to wash hands to ensure completely safe and clean environments. You see, you do, you learn all on the MiazaMirror.

Impactful Health and Exercise Management

Once you use MiazaMirror for health and exercise, you will not be able to let go!. MiazaMirror App allows medical reminders to be uploaded to the Mirror which can then be shown on the Mirror at the right time. Also record yourself taking the medication or doing a procedure for assessment by doctor for its accuracy. MiazaMirror is also an amazing tool to get you to exercise. Simply say “show me an exercise routine” and watch the mirror to see an exercise routine of your choice. Choose from its menu and get an effective immersive workout. The mirrors ability to show you how to do it and reflect how you are doing it is what makes this probably the best workout you’ll ever have.

Seamless Connectivity

Our Mirror also has a built-in video conferencing platform. No more complex dialing or sending people emails. Simply say Invite Peter to my Videoconference platform at 230pm. The AI engine of Mirror will send Peter email and SMS to connect them to a video-conference room dedicated to your Miaza Mirror. Mirror allows you to do full video conferencing on the large screen all while also seeing yourself in the Mirror. This allows an immersive experience for video conferencing. Your own custom messaging tool allows you to send messages displayed on the mirror from anywhere in the world. MiazaMirror makes connectivity a breeze.


Besides the benefits that MiazaMirror offers for you at home, for your office we have amazing modules that bring AI powered intelligence to your business management.

Brilliant TeamTraining

Teams report greater learning through immersion and interactivity. Training teams and employees on MiazaMirror is powered by the augmented reality training modules, seamless video conferencing and performance tracking. With MiazaMirror training is more impactful, lasts longer and is a community experience unmatched by any existing technology.

Dazzling Sales and Marketing

Your business sells amazing products. Use MiazaMirror to promote your sales. Customers and clients can see your presentations on the MiazaMirror. We enable interactive advertisement and sales on the Mirror itself which gets your client to say YES in a digitally driven futuristic experience.

Awe inspiring welcome experience

Lets welcome your guest with AI driven virtual receptionist. The System welcomes a guest, informs your team of their arrival and then presents your company highlights while they are waiting. Also automate pick up of packages or dropping of packages. No client or customer will leave your office without talking about your company.